There are news about SME tweaks

There are news, the revised “5-Pin Conversion Kit V” for the SME tonearms of the 3000 series allows the connection of the phono cable with phono DIN from the bottom side, if a side connection is not possible due to space limitation.

In addition, the bronze groundplate xh is still quite new, the solid bronze base plate has been specially designed for use with a Garrard 301 or 401 to raise the tonearm (SME 3009/3012) to an ideal height for optimal VTA adjustment. In addition to the elevation, there is more punch and dynamic with the bronze groundplate xh and a deeper and more controlled bass range. The stage response becomes wider and deeper.
The pictures show an SME 3012-R with “5-Pin Conversion Kit V” and bronze groundplate xh. The tonearm internal wiring is made with Pure Silver Hair Wire. The tonearm has got a complete restoration.

Two rather rare guests on my workbench

There were two rather rare guests for a therapy on my workbench. One is a Fidelity Research FR-66s with B-60 Elevation Base in excellent condition. The second guest is not quite as rare, however, this SME 3012-RG has never been assembled and 40 years only stored!? The bearings were refurbished, the internal wiring was renewed and a bronze cutting edge bearing Mk3 was mounted.

Restoration: SME 3012 S2 (early version)

Today I finished a restoration of a SME 3012 S2. The tonearm was build in the early sixties and has a low 4-digit serial number. The 3012 is prepared to use on a Thorens TD124 with an Ortofon SPU. The tonearm was fully disassembled, cleaned, the internal tonearm wire is changed, the ball bearings got a rejuvenating all all was precisely mounted and adjusted.
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Restoration SME 3009 S2 improved

This SME 3009 S2 improved came in reasonably good condition, but with many missing parts to the service, the tonearm was completely disassembled, cleaned, the bearings were refurbished, the internal wiring was renewed. Afterwards the tonearm was precisely mounted and adjusted.

The connection terminal was also not present, so the 5-pin Conversion Kit H Kit was mounted to operate the tonearm with already existing phono cables. after such a procedure, the tonearm is again complete and in excellent condition.

Bronze groundplate xh

The Gronze Groundplate xh (extra high) is specially designed for a Garrard 301/401. The Bronze Groundplate xh elevate the SME 3009/3012 to the optimal level so that the VTA can be adjusted optimally.

The Bronze Groundplate xh is not a common spacer, but a stable and solid foot for the SME tonearms. The SME 3009/3012 is firmly screwed to the bronze groundplate and for adjustment the complete tonearm including the bronze groundplate is moved. The tonearm can be moved by 12mm (+/-+6mm) for adjustment.

Restoration SME 3012-R

I just restored this beautiful SME 3012-R. The tonearm got the bronze knife edge bearing MK3, a new internal wiring with Continue reading Restoration SME 3012-R

Wow&Flutter improvement with the Kokomo Kit MK3

Some weeks ago Jaap Pees from Hanze Hifi sent me these pictures of a restored Garrard 301. The Garrard is beautifully restored and, as the measurement results show, with a perfect result. Nonetheless, it is noticeable that after the installation of the Kokomo Kit 301 Mk3, the wow&flutter is improved by about 50% compared to the original thrust bearing.

New connector kit for SME 3009/3012 and M2 tonarms

There is now a new connector kit for the SME 3009/3012 tonearms, as well as for the SME M2/9 and M2/12 tonearms available. The new 5-pin kit horizontal is the optimal solution for turntables with a limited height and therefore no room to plug the connectors from the bottom. This solution needs only a depth of 65mm. Another advantage of this solution is, that the tonearm can be operated both fully balanced and unbalanced. The operating mode depends only on the configuration of the phono cable.